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Business First, Then Technology

At Quest Technology Group we really like technology. But we like business even more.

in 1991 when Quest Technology Group was launched, the pace of business innovation felt slower. The tools, technologies and culture of rapid reach within a seemingly borderless world had not been imagined.

What hasn't changed in this quarter of a century is the drive for business growth and excellence. It is here that Quest lives with each of our clients. The same focus on "why", not "how", remains at the center of every conversation we have as we plan for "what's next".

At Quest Technology Group we belileve in the power of listening.
  • Who are your customers?
  • What do they value?
  • How do we together create a strategic roadmap that delivers value to your customers and clients evey day.

  • Together we create marketing success and technology solutions that stand the test of time. Just take the journey back to the '90s with us to see where our business strategy and technology roots began.

    It Was the 1990s

    Project Snapshot

    Unix servers: SCO Open Server 5
    Windows clients: Windows 95
    User count: 1500
    Project budget: $4,000,000


    In 1996, a 60-year-old regional insurance company needed to migrate its 1500-user agency force from character-based terminals to PCs. The challenge was to identify a robust, reliable interface capable of supporting multiple concurrent users in more than 275 agency sites. These sites also needed to be able to share applications and data between their local network PCs and UNIX servers. To select the best solution for their needs, they turned to their long-time technology solutions provider – Quest Technology Group.

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    "There Has To Be a Better Way"

    How many times have you said that? You do the same thing day after day knowing that there just has to be a better way to do it. The problem is there is never enough time to stop and find that better way.

    This is where Quest Technology Group can help you. Our favorite phrase when we're talking to anyone is "there has to be a better way". We step back and look at the parts differently. We ask a lot of questions. The conversation usually starts with something like this ---

    "If time and money weren't considerations, what is the one thing that you would change right now to make your day easier?" More often than not the solution isn't complex, and the benefits are both immediate and significant.

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    Using Data To Build Engagement

    In 1991 businesses controlled the message. They had the power to given information about their products and services on their terms. They were the powerful knowledge-keepers. We know that isn't the case two-plus decades later. Today your clients, prospects and business partners control what they know and how they choose to do business with you. They engage with you when they are ready, and they come into the relationship at a very different level.

    You have more information about your business relationships than ever before. This can transform the way you bring value to your clients and your business partners.

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