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Technology Strategy, Implementation and Support

We know that you have invested signifcantly in technology over the years. While there is always pressure to buy the latest products, this is neither practical nor necessary. With each new product or service added to your operational footprint, the complexity to integrate one more application increases.

What all too often happens is the various pieces just don't talk to each other. As a result rouge workarounds start to appear. How many times have you seen spreadsheets created to manage the data from applications that don't share?

We can help by

  • Creating the big picture IT and business strategy
  • Being that trusted partner (and translator) at the vendor table
  • Identifying the right technologly solutions for the long term
  • Continuously sharing current IT and business solutions in your industry
  • Identifying innovative opportunities for your business

  • Quest can help you create a more cohesive framework for sharing data across unrelated applications and services.

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    Software Development, Web Applications and Integration Solutions

    Quest Technology Group has been partnering with our clients to create enterprise technology solutions, web applications and SaaS platforms since 1991. Our expertise, the thing we're really passionate about, is
  • listening to what you say
  • asking a lot of "why" questions
  • learning why those answers are important
  • translating your answers into actions
  • creating scalable, sustainable solutions with you
  • implementing solutions to promote your growth
  • supporting you for the long term

  • There must be a reason why we had our first start-up client for 22 years.

    We have successfully developed software solutions for clients in a broad range of industries including
  • insurance
  • healthcare
  • online education
  • member organizations and associations
  • manufacturing
  • operational management
  • professional services
  • and more.

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    Marketing Strategy and Implementation

    It's a fact. Our customers, clients and prospects are more informed than ever before. They're doing their research before they even talk to you. Today you need to be where your customers are, actively communicating and freely sharing the information thay want and you have. Starting with a well-planned marketing strategy is the essential first step in the customer relationship journey. Let's begin with discovery.

    At Quest Technology Group we believe that every company does something that creates significant value for a client or business partner. We also believe that most companies do these things every day without really standing back and looking at them.

    What if you could develop those value-added services into a completely new marketable service? At Quest we can help you take the long view of those valuable hidden assets. We believe that growth can start with an outside looking in view.

  • Identify new competitive opportunities
  • Create and implement marketing strategies
  • Develop and execute content strategies
  • Create and execute an inbound marketing strategy
  • Identify and implement digital marketing strategies
  • Implement trageted, relevant email marketing strategies

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    IT Managed Services

    The IT managed services landscape has changed significantly in the last few years. Clients are no longer tied to in-house servers and costly monthly maintenance agreements. Cloud infrastructure alternatives, SaaS and a more informed client all create real challenges for the managed services provider.

    Quest Technology will partner with you to create a sustainable growth model. This allows you to deliver greater value and broader services to your clients including:

  • Develop a client IT strategy based on their long-term business needs, not hardware sales.
  • Provide the complete suite of business, technology and marketing services
  • Identify opportunities for value-added projects
  • Complement your hardware and networking expertise with our software evaluation, migration and support experience
  • Provide database migration services
  • Identify and execute application integration
  • Web-based software development
  • Project management for infrastructure upgrades

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    Member Organizations and Clubs

    The way we're conneting has changed significantly in the past few years. What hasn't changed is the need for each of us to build purposeful connections.

    Quwho is the online private community created to grow and support organizations through meaningful member engagement.

    Learn how we help develop member engagement and retention for ---

    member organizations
    private clubs
    property managers
    Rotary clubs
    (fill in the blank) ___________

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    Customer Engagement

    Call it big data, data science, AI, data analytics. Whatever words you like to use, it all comes down to knowing and continuously learning about your valued customers.

    Learning why your customers do business with you is a big deal. We all know that customers have what seems like unlimited choices. They are informed, have high expectations and have social media at their disposal to share their opinions of you.

    We believe the key to lasting engagement comes from understanding what value your customers believe you deliver to them. Each customer is different and each interaction is the opportunity to deeper or destroy a relationship. Simply looking at revenue and traffic isn't enough. Real-time analysis of every interaction is essential for being a responsive company.

    Quest Technology Group can compile all of your real-time and historic data from all systems. We then work with you to identify the important, meaningful pieces of data that build engagement and growth. From this ongoing analysis, we create actionable plans to deliver even greater value to your clients.

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