When You're the Company Leader Without a CIO

You're the CIO

What If Being the CIO Isn't For You?

Reality: Every company regardless of size must have responsible, experienced technology leadership.

Did you know that ---

  • Responsible company leaders never fall into the "IT does that" trap.
  • Technology leadership isn't something that IT does.
  • Your IT team supports -- doesn't define -- the technology your strategy requires.
  • IT should never create your company's technology foundation alone.
  • As the company leader, you are responsible for every technology decision and outcome.
  • A well thought out, strategically planned technology foundation is the difference between a seat-of-your-pants company and a focused, sound organization.

  • If you aren't ready to add a CIO to your leadership team yet,
    but you want the results that an experienced CIO delivers,
    then we have the solution for you.

    You Don't Have Time To Be Your Company's CIO

    We're business owners like you so we understand where you need to focus your time and attention. It's not filling the technology leadership role that someone else can do for you.

    Your customers, employees, and partners don't want to find you buried in a black tech hole.

    Exceeding your customers' expectations
    Setting your long-term strategy
    Juggling the unexpected day-to-day demands on your time and attention
    Managing cash flow
    Balancing new opportunities with strategy
    The list is long

    You Can Have the Experienced CIO Results Without Hiring

    You want to be informed and confident that the technology decisions you're making now will serve your long term goals. How does that happen without the stress, uncertainty, and expense that hiring a CIO creates?

    Tech savvy leaders make possibilities happen.

    You can become tech savvy without becoming a tech wizard.

    Having a business-first technology thinker to talk to, bounce what-if ideas around with, a partner who is objective and unbiased can make a real difference.

    What if you like being a little hands'-on in the day-to-day? Not a problem.

    Maybe you're not ready to share the decision making responsibility. Got it.

    You feel like slow and gradual is the right way for you to introduce technology leadership into your company. We've got you covered.

    Your Practical Alternative to Hiring a CIO :

    Access to a Team of Done With You CIOs

    Ready to get started?

    What You'll Get

    Where-are-you-now discovery of your existing technology assets, tools, resources, and goals
    Your practical you-are-here roadmap that everyone in your company can point to with clarity
    Access to experienced business technology people who become your unbiased partners
    Email questions before you make decisions or just need a quick answer
    1:1 conversations with your technology team
    Help with technology evaluations and buying decisions
    Private business leaders' mastermind group
    Always-expanding knowledge hub with the information that's relevant to your company
    Special pricing for projects and services

    What You Won't Get Stuck With

    Structured courses because business leaders want solutions not school
    Rigid check-in schedules that disrupt what's most important to you and your business
    Unorganized streams of action items and updates
    Assignments that aren't actionable for your business right now
    Pressure to consume more content than you have time for. Information is valuable when it answers a question or satisfies your desire to know more.
    Endless lists of to do items that aren't right for your company right now

    Let's Get Started With Your New CIO

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    $149 /mo.

    Get Your Tech Savvy Leadership Team

    No long-term commitments required. We hope you'll get even more than you expected, but we know sometimes you need to cancel. We would be sorry to see you leave us, but we understand.

    Frequently Asked Questions

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