How To Find, Manage, and Repurpose Shadow IT In Your Company

What is Shadow IT and Why Does It Matter to Your Company?

Shadow IT is the practice of a company's employees using technology and services that have not been approved by the IT department. For companies without a dedicated IT team, the likelihood that shadow IT occurs is significantly greater.

Shadow IT poses risks that responsible, tech savvy leaders must manage. But the good news is shadow IT also creates opportunities for your organization.

  • Discover the tools and technologies that help your team do their best work.
  • Improve efficiency in everyday activities.
  • Deliver new products and services your customers valua.
  • Eliminate unnecessary technology spending.
  • Eliminate technology redundancies.

  • The list goes on.

    But how do you know if shadow IT is happening in your company?
    What to do next?
    Grab your free copy and start discovering the pitfalls and the possibilities of shadow IT.

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