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The tools to help you create your company story

How the Growth Strategy Series Works

We're going to help you create and tell your company's story the way your valued customers want to hear it. Your story starts with these four questions.

1. What problems do we solve for our customers?
2. How do we solve them?
3. What happens for our customer when we solve them?
4. Does our message clearly communicate these three

Workbooks and Tools

The series is divided into 5 parts. Each part guides you and your team through question and answer sessions that build on previous parts. The goal is to make insight gathering and learning fun, manageable, and actionable.

We recommend working through one part at a time. A dedicated time for each session will keep everyone focused and engaged. If you want to dive into the entire series, feel free to download the complete series here.

What is the Purpose of the Growth Strategy Series?

At the end of these sessions, you will have a clear, customer-centered message that everyone in your company can easily share. You will be more confident in answering "what does your company do?" because your customers helped with your answer. The insights you have gained will become the framework for your marketing, customer experience, and growth strategy planning. For example ---

your day-to-day customer interactions become more focused
your website now tells the story that your customers relate to
new product and service opportunities based on customer insights gathered
focus on your product and service contribution to overall profitablilty

We're Here to Help You Create and Deliver Your Story

We've learned that actually doing something with all the customer insights, great new ideas, and the simple action items can feel overwhelming. After all, you have the immediate day-to-day business demands that need attention. That's why we're ready to work beside you to implement the next steps.

What You Will Explore in Part 1

You are going to kickoff this strategy initiative by discovering how everyone on your team sees the company today. It's an important first step that answers some essential questions. For example, "Why does your company do what it does?" and "If I were interviewing with your company, what would you want me to know?".

What You'll Accomplish in Part 1

Through fun, collaborative brainstorming, you'll discover what your company looks like from the inside.

At the end of part 1, you will begin to uncover how your team currently communicates your company to the outside world.

What You Will Explore in Part 2

A story about your customers isn't complete until they have shared their unique insights with you. Customers love to be asked for their contributions. Learning what they are thinking is more than filling in the lines on the page. It's quiet attentive listening. It's putting aside the rush to complete their thoughts with your words.

You will interview a cross-section of your customers to view your company from the customer perspective.

What You'll Accomplish in Part 2

Your team will be able to see your company like your customers do. You will begin framing your messaging as "you" instead of "we".

What You Will Explore in Part 3

Now that you have gained valuable insights into your customers' perceptions of your company, it's time to dive into your products and services.

How often do you ask your customers how the solutions you provide meet their needs?

Your customers will again play an active role in this discovery. You will learn how your products and services are used everyday. For example, which products and services are most important to your customers, where are new, unexpected opportunities, and which need to be reevaluated.

What You'll Accomplish in Part 3

Using the product and services workbooks provided, you will collect customer feedback about your current offerings. Your team can begin to determine ROI for each product and service as well as opportunites for customer outreach and education.

Growth Strategy Product and Service Workbook

What You Will Explore in Part 4

In Part 3 you had the opportunity to learn what your customers think about your products and services. Were there any surprises? How did your customers feel when you asked them for their thoughts?

Now it's time to turn those new insights into actions. You probably came away from your client conversations with fresh ideas to explore, a deeper appreciation for your clients' everyday challenges, and some level of anxiety. Too much information can feel overwhelming even when you know there is real opportunity just waiting to be uncovered.

What You'll Accomplish in Part 4

You will use the Idea Inventory Workbook to focus and organize the team's discussion.

These newly-discovered ideas will become the framework for ongoing strategic initiatives.

What You Will Explore in Part 5

In Part 5 you'll connect all the insights collected from your team and your clients in parts 1-4. Now you're ready to create the story that will clearly answer "what does your company do to solve my problem."

What You'll Accomplish in Part 5

Your story now has meaning and purpose. What you think you deliver, what your clients think they receive, and the real problems you can solve right now become a connected story.

Connecting the dots between what we deliver and what the customer really wants.

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