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Why Do Small Businesses Need an Experienced Business Technology Leader?

Small Businesses Rely on the Right Technology

Technology is an essential part of every company’s business framework. Making the right IT decisions today that will support your company's long-term strategy is simply smart business. Having experienced technology leadership is a must on every company's leadership team -- even if you are the sole leader right now.

Small Businesses Don't Have the IT Services They Deserve

When companies reach a certain size and revenue level, adding a CIO to the team is a natural step. But what about small companies? They deserve the same strategic technical guidance as their larger counterparts. How will a small company thrive without the right framework to support their growth journey?

CIO Lite: The Small Business Technology Services Solution

We've created CIO Lite because we believe small companies deserve experienced, responsible technology expertise. CIO Lite is the package of IT services and by-your-side team designed especially for small businesses. CIO Lite delivers the right services, expertise, and dedication to meet your company’s unique needs now and in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many company leaders regardless of company size, time in business, and industry ask themselves these questions. How many of these sound familiar to you? Get the answers here.

  • "Do we really need someone to guide our technology future?"
  • "We've come this far without a technology leader. Why now?"
  • "Are we sure we can't keep doing what we've always done?"
  • "Isn't this going to be more expensive than we can justify?"
  • "How will I know if this is the right person for us?"

  • The list goes on. Every one of these questions is what any strategic-minded company leader should ask.

    What Does Your CIO Lite Package Provide?

  • A dedicated IT team based on your unique needs
  • An initial discovery to understand where you are you now
  • Action plan based on your unique company needs and goals
  • Hands-on help to implement action plan
  • Help with technology buying decisions
  • Regular conversations to plan, implement, and measure results
  • Exclusive templates, workbooks, and checklists
  • Regular dark web monitoring
  • 24/7/365 cyber attack monitoring and prevention
  • Advanced security protection bundle
  • Remote day-to-day IT support

  • CIO Lite is Priced Especially for Small Businesses

    We understand that it's not just about the costs. Business leaders expect and deserve meaningful value for every buying decision. Since each company has specific needs, we only recommend the services that are right for you.

    That means we start with a person-to-person conversation to learn more about your company. Then we streamline the pricing appropriately.

    And no, we don't make up the numbers on the fly! The price is the same for every service every time.


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