Fast Forward 13 More Years

Moving Insurance Technology From the 1990s Into the 2000s

1996 Project Snapshot Update

Project year: 2004
Unix servers: SCO Open Server 5.5
Database: C-ISAM
Windows clients: Windows 98
User count: 1600
Project budget: $2,500,000

2004 Insurance Technology Update

Move the calendar forward 8 years … Our first start-up client continued to benefit from the IT architecture that Quest Technology Group successfully designed and implemented for this insurance company.

Since the initial project rollout in 1996, Quest continued to partner wirh our client to evaluate and integrate the latest technologies into both the insurance agency and home office infrastructure. The focus was always on scalability and a vision for the next generation of technology.

The rollout was once again successful with no interruption in business operations. The upgrades were carefully planned and scripted to ensure consistently and reliablity across all users.

  • Additional users were added
  • Laptops were introduced
  • VPNs between all remote sites and the home office were implmented
  • New network printers were rolled out
  • All users received new PCs with Windows XP
  • The software platform expanded significantly to include new Windows products and Web applications served by these local Unix servers

  • 2005 Insurance Technology Update

    Once again, the business objectives of our client were well-supported by a 20-year visionary architecture.In 2005 leases on the agency servers and PCs were expiring. Technology was maturing at a faster pace, and the time was right to take advantage of increased bandwidth and reliability. We migrated all 1500 users and 300+ distributed servers to a shared home office server environment. Think cloud computing.

  • The operating system was once again upgraded with no impact on the existing insurance agency and company software applications. Not a single line of code was changed.
  • All remote servers were retired, saving the significant expense of equipment leases, maintenance and support.
  • Continued awareness of the value of web-based applications allowed us to deliver more real-time information to all agency and home office users.

  • With all of these significant changes, the technology infrastructure reamined solid and reliable with a consistent 99.9% uptime.

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