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How We Put Technology to Work Together

"We believe that partnership success happens with mutual trust and respect. This is how working together will make great things happen."

. . . Linda Rolf, Chief Innovator Since 1991

  • We ask a lot of questions. It's not to annoy you or waste your time. If we don't listen and learn first, we won't be able to deliver what you expect from us.

  • We tell you what you need to hear from us in clear words that make business sense.

  • We bring our best perspective to each situation, but we never force our position.

  • We're committed to delivering what we know is right based on what you openly share with us.

  • We answer emails to each other within one business day. Sometimes we might simply say "got it". And then we always follow on with the rest of the answer.

  • "I don't know, but I'll find out." is an acceptable answer as long as we always find out.

  • We use the communication channels that work best for everyone. We don't change channels simply because we feel like it.

  • We treat everyone with respect even when we may not agree. We use grown up, professional words and tones to resolve our differences. Then we move on.

  • We deliver what we promise when we say we will. We don't do excuses or blame.

  • We are consistent.

  • We are here for the long ride.

  • We know paying more for professional services is a lot more responsible than falling for cheap unskilled amateur solutions.

  • We pay invoices before they're due because we appreciate and respect what you do everyday.

  • We clearly explain in plain English what we will deliver, who it's for, and why it matters.

  • We understand that sometimes the best plans don't go the way we expected them to. We figure out why and get back on track with courtesy and professionalism.

  • We believe that positive words and actions beat negativity and stonewalling every time.

  • We believe that logic, thoughtful listening, and a healthy dose of humor can solve a lot of problems.

  • Let's Discover the Possibilities Together

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