How to Evaluate Technology to Meet Your Strategic Business Goals

Technology Doesn't Have to Be Complicated and Expensive

No doubt about it. Technology can be both complicated and expensive. Faced with buying decisions that hit not only your budget but also disrupt your day-to-day operations, it's small wonder that business leaders dread dealing with IT.

The practical reality is we all have to make those dreaded technology decisions. Doing nothing isn't a fruitful plan. Buy once and forget it isn't a technology strategy that serves the best interests of any successful company in today's fast-moving, competitive landscape.

Savvy leaders follow these steps to make the right technology decisions.


Leaders Build the Right Team

Making the most informed IT buying decisions relies on reliable, relevant, accurate, and timely information. Gathering this information can be time-consuming. Sifting through the sheer volume of information requires skillful, experienced IT and business-minded team members to sort fact from fiction.

Technology has become increasingly complex for companies of every size. IT skills have become more specialized.

Adding a Business Impact Analyst to your technology evaluation team delivers the right mix of indepth technology experience and business-first thinking.

Meet the Technology Team


Leaders Ask Strategic Questions Before IT Wanders Into the Technical Weeds

Leaders know how easy it is -- especially for IT folks -- to leap at the opportunity to play with new technologies and tools. Before this happens, they start with hands-off strategic questions.

Get 8 Strategic Questions to Ask


Leaders Adopt a Technology Evaluation Framework

A reliable framework keeps everyone focused and working toward the clearly-defined desired outcome.

We've created the Right Technology Framework based on our more than 3 decades of technology evaluation experience. It's really quite simple.

What is the Right Technology Framework Approach?

The right technology framework supports
the right resources
doing the right thing
at the right time
to deliver the right products and services
to the right customers.

It's that simple.

Ready to Start Your Next Technology Evaluation?

No one knows your business and company as well as you do. Partnering with the right business technology team means everyone contributes the skills and expertise to deliver the most effective technology solutions.


Every responsible business leader expects a return on their investment. That's why we don't believe your technology is a one-size-fits-all solution.

We'll start with a conversation to learn more about your organization, your needs, goals, and discover how we can work together. With a clear, mutual understanding, we can deliver the right price for your budget and exact needs.

Our technology evaluation services start at $500 and increase depending on scope.