Every Company Can Have Experienced Technology Leadership

SMBs Rely on the Right Technology Just Like Big Companies

If you're a small or midsized company leader, how many times have you asked at least one of these questions?

  • "Do we really need someone to guide our technology future?"
  • "Doesn't our outsourced IT provider do this for us?"
  • "Why can't our in-house IT support person do this?"
  • "We've come this far without a technology leader. Why now?"
  • "Are we sure we can't keep doing what we've always done?"
  • "Isn't this going to be more expensive than we can justify?"
  • "How will I know if this is the right person for us?"

  • Small Businesses Don't Have All the Technology Services They Deserve

    When companies reach a certain size and revenue level, adding a CIO or fractional CIO to the team is a natural step. But what about small companies? They deserve the same strategic technical advantage as their larger counterparts. How will a small company thrive without the right foundation to support their growth journey?

    When there is no experienced technology leader on the team, the business owner is the CIO -- even if they don't realize it. Someone has to be accountable for the technology decisions that impact the company.

    It's not unusual for the company to have someone on the team who "likes technology" and inherits the IT role. Or maybe there is an outsourced managed service provider. Both of these are useful day-to-day support resources, but they aren't the strategic thinkers that today's tech savvy leaders need.

    We understand that knowing where or when to start can feel overwhelming so we've created a simply system that uncomplicates the steps for you.


    Where Are You Now: Your Discovery

    We'll start with a comprehensive discovery that we discuss and complete together. It's not a test so there are no right and wrong answers. Instead, this is your opportunity to freely explore where you are now, where you want to go, what you don't want to do, and how you will become an even more valued technology partner for your clients.

    This is a big step. We get that. Before you dive in, you'll want to make sure this is right for you and your company. Let's start with a phone call to talk through what working together will look like for you. No commitment, no payment required. Together we'll decide if this is the right partnership.

    3 Things You Won't Get

  •   Canned courses. You have a company to grow and clients to support. That's where your time is well-spent.
  •   Another online account. We're keeping it simple by sending you what you need when you need it.
  •   Rigid scheduled calls. We'll create a workable schedule for check-ins and working together that's right for you.

  • $995 All-Inclusive

    Let's Start By Talking


    Where Do You Want To Go: Your Roadmap

    Lewis Carroll – "If you don't know where you're going, any road will get you there."

    After your discovery is complete, we'll design your roadmap to take you from you-are-here-now to where you want to go. We know that can sound intense, time-consuming, distracting, and expensive. We've been there, and we understand how that feels. So we've created a system that delivers quick, measurable successes on your schedule.

    3 Things You Won't Get

  •   No fluff. We'll only include actionable steps that lead to a measurable outcome.
  •   No busywork. If an action item doesn't lead to your desired result, then it's not on the list.
  •   One-size-fits-all plan. Together we'll build a manageable, flexible roadmap based on your unique discovery.

  • Just a Few Of the Many Growth Insights and Tactics You'll Get

  •   How to evaluate and buy the right technology for your company
  •   Create a comprehensive technology inventory to safeguard your company's valuable IT assets
  •   How to increase your technology ROI
  •   How to have confident business meets technology conversations with your team and clients
  •   How to uncover hidden value-added services and increased revenue for your company
  •   How to become the technology leader your employees are looking for
  •   How to broaden your business technology expertise from our experienced CIO team

  • Technology and your business are continually changing so your roadmap will be designed with flexibility in mind.

    Included With Your $995 Discovery

    Let's Talk About Getting Started


    How Will You Measure Success: Your Small Steps

    There's nothing more frustrating than having your initial enthusiasm quickly crushed by the weight of an endless to do list. Even the most diehard DIYer needs a little support, accountability, and encouragement to keep seeing steady progress.

    3 Things You Won't Get

  •   Too much DIY. We'll strike the balance you want between do-it-yourself and done-for-you.
  •   Too many vague tasks. Every activity leads to a measurable outcome that matters to you.
  •   Too much time before you see progress. Small steps organized around your goals will contribute to short successes.

  • We'll continue to work together for the next 2 months after your roadmap is created. Since every company's roadmap is tailored to their immediate and long-term goals, how we can best serve you will be specialized too.

    Together, we'll craft the right combination of phone calls, Zoom calls, and emails that is right for you.

    Starting at $595/mo for the next 2 months

    Let's Talk


    Where Will the Roadmap Lead: Lots of Small Steps

    You've invested your time and money building your company's strategic roadmap. You're on your way to building the sound business technology foundation you've wanted. We want you to continue gaining valuable results for a long time. So you'll decide how you would like to continue working together.

    After all, what's a good roadmap without reliable traveling companions?

    Let's Start With a Call

    The Sidekick

    If you're a committed, disciplined DIYer, then we'll support you while you do the work.

    Anytime you decide you would like to offload some or all of the day-to-day to us, we're ready to pitch in. You can upgrade anytime. After all, continuing to get the outcomes you and your clients want is what matters.

  •   Regular email or phone check-ins
  •   Basic Q&A by email, phone, text
  •   Custom checklists, how-to docs, workbooks, ebooks curated for your specific roadmap plans
  •   Introductions to potential partners

  • Starting at $475/mo

    The Builder

    For those of you who want a more hands on partner, you'll appreciate the done-with-you approach.

    Together, we'll decide who does what and when. Think of this as having another team member to free you for the work you do best.

  •   Regular email or phone check-ins
  •   Basic Q&A by email, phone, text
  •   Custom checklists, how-to docs, workbooks, ebooks curated for your specific roadmap plans
  •   Introductions to potential partners
  •   Hands-on work for roadmap action items
  •   Preferred pricing on special projects

  • Starting at $695/mo

    Get Your Tech Savvy Leader Knowledge Hub Membership

    What if you're not ready to dive into the roadmap system yet, but you want to discover new possibilities? The CEO Knowledge Hub was designed especially for you.

    What You'll Get

  •   Each month we'll deliver 5 templates, worksheets, checklists, workbooks or ebooks created exclusively for CEOs and their leadership team.
  •   Convenience of email delivery to you.
  •   Actionable knowledge tailored for leaders.
  •   Tech content explained in plain English for sharing with your clients and prospects.
  •   Cancel anytime.

  • What You Won't Get

  •   Another online account to remember.
  •   Canned courses that you'll never have the time or interest to complete.
  •   Information without useful actions.

  • Your Tech Savvy CEO Exclusive Membership

    Only $39/mo

    Cancel anytime

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