Now MSPs Can Deliver Today's In-Demand IT Services

(The Services Clients Think They're Already Getting)

Companies Expect More from Their MSP

MSPs are being told they must deliver more than the basic monitoring and reactive services they've relied on for years. Their old model is a client disservice.


When your clients hear you say, "We take care of your technology", they assume that you are providing whatever those essential services are. They don't know the tech words that describe what they need. It's safe to say they're fully expecting the latest cybersecurity protection and expertise.

They trust you to anticipate their needs, to be experts in everything related to technology, to know how technology supports their business strategy, and to make sure they have the comprehensive foundation they need.

They look to you for sound business technology guidance and leadership that most MSPs simply aren't skilled to deliver. That's why building a CIO partnership is what strategic MSPs are doing.

For many MSPs, this is a cause for anxiety -- with good reason. When expectations and reality are misaligned, risk is high. Good news. We're here to help eliminate anxiety and risk.

If your typical client offering is focused on counting and supporting Windows servers, desktops, and laptops -- and you're eager to expand your services, then this tailor-made MSP solution is for you.

But Where Do You Start?

Let's be realistic. No IT company, regardless of size, has the skills, resources, bandwidth – or desire – to deliver every technology-related service their clients want and need. Confident MSP company leaders are serving their clients with a combination of core skills and aligned partners.

When you thoughtfully decide what your company can and will deliver, you're ready to build your best offerings. You're not abandoning your clients. You're being a responsible business partner. You're crafting better ways to deliver the best business-focused technology products and services specifically for them.

The CIO Partnership Designed Especially For MSPs

At Quest Technology Group, we've been working side-by-side with business leaders for 33 years. Together, we've discovered and implemented the right business-technology solutions that are right for them and their customers.

We haven't just handed them a pile of recommendations and walked away. We've been there day in and day out doing the work that needed to be done together. Our client success stories speak for themselves.

We've provided MSP services. We've been the MSP's client. We understand the challenges of both delivering valuable MSP services and receiving (too often less than) what we expected. We hear business leaders too often saying "IT does that" without a clear understanding of what IT does or what "it" is. MSP services need to change, and we're here to help you do just that.

4 Things You Won't Get

  •   Canned courses. You have a company to grow and clients to support. That's where your time is well-spent.
  •   A coach. We're partners, each of us doing what we do best in service to your clients.
  •   Assignments. Think of this as having a peer who listens, is a sounding-board, is there when you need them.
  •   Rigid scheduled calls. We'll create a workable schedule for useful conversations and working together that's right for you.

  • Pick the Plan That's Right For You Now. Upgrade When You're Ready.

    Plan 1. Exploring

    If you're a committed DIYer or just want to ease into the CIO services, then The Strategic MSP Qurious Community is the place to start.

    What You'll Get

  •   A continually-growing knowledge hub of actionable ebooks, how-to guides, checklists, templates, tools, and infographics for sharing with your clients. Every piece is designed especially for MSP leaders, their team, and clients.
  •   Access to the entire collection for as long as you're a community member.
  •   Actionable insights tailored for MSPs eager to expand their services responsibly.
  •   Tech content explained in plain English for sharing with your clients and prospects.
  •   Cancel anytime.

  • What You Won't Get

  •   Canned courses that you'll never have the time or interest to complete.
  •   Information without useful actions.

  • Your Strategic MSP Qurious Community

    Only $39/mo

    Cancel anytime

    Explore Details & Join


    Plan 2. Building

    When you're ready to deliver robust CIO services to your clients, you'll appreciate this done-for-you service.

    What You'll Get

  •   We deliver the hands-on CIO expertise to your clients as your partner. Think of this as having another team member to free you for the work you do best.
  •   Regular email or phone check-ins
  •   Notifications for changes that will affect your MSP services
  •   Participation in strategy sessions
  •   Introductions to potential partners
  •   Preferred pricing on cybersecurity services
  •   You retain ownership of the client relationship.

  • What You Won't Get

  •   Unexpected assignments and to-do list distractions.
  •   Blindsided by client questions about CIO-specific services and actions. That's on our to-do list, not yours.

  • Your MSP Preferred Pricing

    Starting at $395/mo

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