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Free business financial calculators to measure and manage your profitable growth

Financial terms and math don't have to be a mystery.


Business Essentials
Gross Margin
Cost Markup
Set Price Using Markup
Return on Investment (ROI)

Sales and Marketing
Convert Leads to Sales

SaaS Metrics
Customer Acquistion Cost (CAC)
Customer Churn
Customer Lifetime Value (LTV)
Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR)
SaaS Company Viability

We know that phrases like "what is your breakeven?" and "what is the LTV of your customer?" can turn a creative mind into a dark, oxygen-deprived black hole.

Understanding the numbers that measure your business performance are critical to your success. When you begin to see how they all work together, making even small, incremental changes can have a big effect.

Our simple calculators do the work for you. We even give you an example to follow and the formula if you really want to know.


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