30 Years. 30 Lessons Learned.

Published by Linda Rolf on 2/9/2021

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Do you remember when you were a child and heard that someone was 30 years old? They sounded really old, didn't they?

That's a little how I feel as I look back 30 years. When I started Quest, I never imagined I would be here 30 years in the future writing this post.

It's impossible not to reflect back over those years. The road has been a winding one with its share of potholes, but the trip has been worth every bumpy mile.

Here are 30 random souvenirs collected on the trip.

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Linda Rolf is a lifelong curious learner. She is fueled by discovering the unexpected connections among technology, data, information, people and process. For more than four decades, Linda and Quest Technology Group have been their clients' trusted advisor and strategic partner. They actively contribute to each client's success through mutual collaboration, thoughtful business analysis, enterprise software development, technology integration, database design and management, opportunity discovery, business growth strategy, and marketing initiatives.

They believe that lasting value and trust are created through continuously listening, sharing knowledge freely and delivering more than their clients even know they need. As the CIO of their first startup client said, "The value that Quest brings to Cotton States is far greater than the software they develop."

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