9 Free Online Tools for Learning, Writing, and PDF Editing

More more you read, the more you know. Dr. Seuss quote.

Who doesn't love a free tool that gets the job done without a lot of fanfare? I know I do. These random gems find their way to my "check these out someday" list. As I was flipping through this list yesterday, I found a few that you might enjoy too. All are free with no annoying short trial and then buy offers. And there's nothing in this for me other than the chance to share them with you. Here you go.

9 Free Online Tools for Learning, Writing, and PDF Editing

1. PDF24 Tools

PDF24 Tools is a collection of free tools for working with PDFs and other file formats. This eliminates buying an expensive Abode license. Useful features include:

  • Convert PDFs to secure PDFs
  • Edit PDFs
  • The yawning divide between users and IT is as old and entrenched as the dawn of business-meets-technology.
  • No software installation required
  • Encrypted transfer for all files
  • All your files are automatically removed from the server within 1 hour of processing (this is a very good thing)
  • Use online or offline

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    2. Internet Archive

    What You Get

    A library of millions of free books, movies, software, websites, and more.

    Try their Wayback Machine to uncover long ago website pages. Here's a 1998 version of our website archived on April 20, 1999.

    Quest Technology Group website from 1998.
    I had to laugh at the MPInet logo. If you've been in Orlando for a long time, you'll remember their vehicle careening around town with the shooting flame perched on the roof. I always thought it looked more like a blazing chicken.

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    3. Open Library

    What You Get

    Read free library books online from this Internet Archive service. All it takes is an email address to get your digital library card access.

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    4. Instructables

    What You Get

    This is a community for people who like to make and share things. Learn how to make all sorts of out of the ordinary things. Even if you're not into the creator economy, the site is worth a visit.

    Categories include:

  • circuits
  • workshop
  • craft
  • cooking
  • living
  • teachers
  • outside

  • Create, share and collaborate with their active community.

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    5. eCorner

    What You Get

    True to their tagline "Where Entrepreneurs Find Inspiration" you'll experience ideas and inspiration from Stanford University. This includes smart insights from:

  • the Stanford Innovation Lab
  • Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders podcasts
  • videos
  • actionable articles on the latest topics
  • and a wealth of useful resources

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    6. Untools

    What You Get

    With a tagline like "Tools for better thinking" it was hard not to be curious about this site. They deliver an extensive collection of tools, templates, and frameworks for solving problems, making decisions, communicating, and making sense of systems.

    This is on my must-explore-more list.

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    7. Describing Words

    What You Get

    Nouns need adjectives to give them personality. You feed this no-frills site your noun, and it responds with a list of describing words. The genesis behind this handy service was Project Gutenberg, the digitizing of U.S. copyright free books.

    This was an unexpected result that I might have to think about. I'll let you decide.

    Noun: technology

    Adjective #1: clearly alien

    Adjective #10: benign and peaceful

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    8. RhymeZone

    What You Get

    Rhyming words elevate your everyday writing from yawner to standout – or at least a bit more engaging. Simply enter your word and select from a collection of rhyming possibilities. You'll receive suggestions ranging from 2 to whatever-is-possible syllables.

    Example: What rhymes with legal? There are 99 results and 61 almost rhymes.

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    9. Decluttr

    What You Get

    If you've been wondering how to responsibly get rid of your dated tech clutter, this site is a great resource. I've used it to unload a dust-gathering collection of CDs and DVDs. They accept:

  • phones
  • tablets
  • iPads
  • MacBooks
  • media
  • laptops
  • game consoles
  • iPods
  • Apple Watches

  • They list the prices for everything they're accepting. When you're ready to sell, you tell them what you're sending, and they provide the free shipping with printable label.

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