How to Create Valuable Website Content Using Google and Hotjar Results

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Imagine your favorite junk drawer. We all have at least one somewhere --- in our kitchen, garage, desk. You might have even scaled up to a bulging closet or full-blown room. It’s the go-to dumping drawer for I know I’ll need this someday stuff.

We’re all bombarded with more information than we can practically manage or care about. You’re probably feeling at least a little pressure to do something useful with a lot of it. But where does valuable information land?

Your junk drawer.

A Simple Daily Information Decluttering That Works

Reaching your right customers is no doubt on your to do list somewhere.

Instead of adding to your “expert advice” clutter, here is one of our reliable daily activities that you can use too. This isn’t our entire knowledge sharing strategy, but it’s one doable piece that always delivers actionable insights about our desired customers. 

1) Each morning we look at our Hotjar recordings to discover how website visitors are engaging with our site. It’s always surprising to learn what people around the world are interested in.

Hotjar recording screenshot

2) We check our Google Search Console to find the exact search terms visitors used to land on the pages.

3) Seeing what pages are getting attention every day, we then focus on creating more relevant content and links to continue the visitor engagement.

How We Put This Google Search and Hotjar Information to Work

Example #1: Data in transit and data at rest

As you see in the screenshot above, there are a lot of visitors daily to our Questionary page academy/what-is-data-in-transit-vs-data-at-rest.

To deliver even more useful information on this page, we added the Keep Learning section with links to relevant content. No sales. Just more knowledge.

Advanced security bundle buy now

We believe that visitors interested in encryption are likely interested in data security and protection too. This creates a logical opportunity to steer the visitor to our advanced security services.

The more direct sales Buy It Now button takes the visitor to the detailed product information page, price calculator, and purchase option.

Example #2: Fractional CIO services

We recently added a fractional CIO page, and it immediately started getting visitors. This was encouraging because it confirmed what we believed about the value in these services.

Fractional CIO services

The page is designed as a pillar page, a technique that Google likes. This Table of Contents not only gives Google a clear link roadmap to follow to other related pages, but it also encourages the website visitor to explore more useful content.

Fractional CIO table of contents

Right below the Table of Contents, we included a free ebook download offer. The 17-page ebook continues the message on the webpages and allows us to collect an interested visitor’s email address.

Fractional CIO ebook offer

At the bottom of the page, we offer more free resources as well as a call to action. The How to Get Started button takes the visitor to a page that answers frequently-asked questions and explains the 4 easy steps to get started.

Fractional CIO get started

How Small Steps Can Find Hidden Revenue in Your Information

You know the obvious simple truth. We’ve talked about before, and it’s worth repeating. If you don’t create the knowledge-sharing opportunities your clients expect, they will find someone who will.

But here is the often overlooked opportunity that you can start thinking about right now. Creating a shareable knowledge strategy opens the door for unexpected revenue streams.

Consider the possibilities, the small, incremental steps you can start taking right now –

  • Short did-you-know emails lead to writing a free downloadable ebook
  • Help both Google and your visitors navigate your valuable webpages with well-connected links and downloadable offers
  • A free downloadable ebook with the proper landing page adds an interested subscriber to your email list
  • Each new subscriber receives a welcome email with another piece of relevant, useful content. The relationship is nurtured.
  • Email content is repurposed into relevant social media posts
  • Did-you-know words become videos shared on Instagram
  • The Instagram story includes a link to an offer on your website
  • One ebook becomes a series that leads to an online course
  • An online course leads to ongoing value-added products and services
  • An ebook become a published book

  • The possibilities are endless. You have what you need to start. Just take the first step.

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