What's the Difference Between Information and Expertise

Difference between information and expertise is knowing a tomato doesn't belong in a fruit salad.

Got a question? Just ask Google or your favorite AI tool for the answer. Before you know it, you’ve gathered all the information you need to solve your problem. Why invest your valuable time and hard-earned dollars asking someone -- even with the professional skills -- when you can do it yourself?

Here Are 10 Solid Reasons Why Information Needs Expertise to Deliver Results

1) You find that buying the tech tools is just the beginning

  • Information: QuickBooks gives small business owners the financial tools to manage their business.

  • Expertise: Responsible accounting is more than knowing how to add columns of numbers. A deep understanding of where those expenses, income, payables, and receivables are recorded is the difference between sound financials and a bag of unsorted receipts.

  • 2) You watch dots connecting differently

  • Information: : Company leaders know the products and services they provide.

  • Expertise: When you start with what you consider to be your best work, it's natural to describe your ideal customers in that context. But what happens when someone can look at your offerings in a fresh way?

    You might find a valuable narrower niche that no one else is serving. Maybe a combination of DIY with expert oversight is just the service an untapped market is waiting for. The possibilities are endless.

  • 3) You remember why you gave up on that last idea

  • Information: Shopify is an ecommerce platform for selling your products online. And it starts at only $39.99/month with no contracts.

  • Expertise: Even the best products need a lot of help to be found. Successful ecommerce requires deep experience with SEO, copywriting for all those product descriptions, user experience expertise, product pricing, and a customer nurturing plan. The list goes on.

  • 4) You look at the return on your investment differently

  • Information: It will cost $xxx to implement the new website feature your customers are asking for. That sounds like more than you want to invest right now.

  • Expertise: When you hear the same request from a lot of customers, it's time to give it some thoughtful consideration. Experience helps you look at the dollars objectively. How much does each dollar contribute to revenue? What other direct income benefits are gained? Are there other more cost-effective technical ways to achieve the same result?

  • 5) You hear what your users aren't telling you

  • Information: Your loyal IT support folks react to the day-to-day support requests.

  • Expertise: Your employees are an invaluable resource for uncovering opportunities and spotting potential problems. An experienced professional is skilled at asking the right questions and opening new lines of communication. This isn't a natural skill -- or interest -- with IT support folks.

  • 6) You make confident, sound decisions

  • Information: Google will hand you an endless stream of answers to your search questions.

  • Expertise: Google doesn't know or care about the problem you're trying to solve. It will infer intent based on your question, but it's no substitute for the experienced human. Because the professional has taken the time to understand your needs, they give the right context to a jumble of information.

  • 7) You gain informed insights about your everyday tools

  • Information: O365 stores all of your valuable information in one easy-to-access portal.

  • Expertise: The right technology professional will help you avoid data loss and ensure the security of your information. They don't just know -- they explain in plain English the pitfalls lack of experience can't anticipate.

  • 8) You become comfortable sharing your expertise

  • Information: You can quickly list the products and services your company delivers.

  • Expertise: Your customers are looking for outcomes, and they want them right now. Skilled professionals love to share what they know.

    These folks have an extensive knowledge library. They are generous in answering questions and giving actionable content. They'll show you how to implement this same knowledge-sharing practice for your customers.

  • 9) You expand your can't-ignore online presence

  • Information: A website gives you a place on the internet.

  • Expertise: Your online presence gives you credibility and domain authority. When customers search for you, they want to know how you're going to solve their problems. A static brochure-like sales website is a relic from a century past.

    The experienced professional brings a collection of valuable skills and insights. They help you identify your audience, speak to them they way they listen, deliver the deep content that earns thrust, and establish your place in the ever-changing search landscape.

  • 10) You find you have more resources than you know

  • Information: When you buy a tool, app, or piece of hardware, you have a specific need in mind.

  • Expertise: Folks who have traveled this road for a long time have deep first-hand experience with many of the tools you own. When you apply their dot connecting what-if thinking with their deep knowledge, you quickly realize a greater return on your tech investments.

  • One Final Thought About Information and Expertise

    With enough time, commitment, stamina, and resources you probably can become an attorney, accountant, architect, astronaut, technologist – any skilled master you want to be.

    But in case you're not ready to make the investment yet, by all means continue your daily learning. But maintain a healthy balance between the information you gather and the results that only deep expertise delivers.

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