Success Secret 7: Reward Your Small Successes Every Day

Published by Linda Rolf on 3/12/2019 and updated 11/17/2021

7.  Applaud Your Small Daily Successes

"The single greatest motivator is making progress in one's work. The days that people make progress are the days they feel most motivated and engaged."

 – Daniel Pink

Start each day with an accomplishment. This doesn’t have to be the big knock it out of the park homerun, just a simple achievement that says “Done. I did that!”.

An early morning success sparks an energized, positive mindset that fuels the rest of your day. Think about that one thing you are most dreading and do it first. Not only do you have a well-earned sense of success, but you also eliminate the nagging stress associated with it.

One easy way to get started is with a list of 5 things that give you a real sense of accomplishment. Remember, these are strategic, move-it-forward things, not unproductive busywork. “Busy” is no longer part of your vocabulary.

When you’re laser- focused on the big goal, it’s easy to lose sight of the small steps that move you steadily forward.  It is important to continually recognize these worthy milestones. When you design your big plan, include reward checkpoints along the way.

Why not use the checklist approach to ensure you recognize and experience your important incremental successes?

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What Are You Putting Off?

Put your thought-writing to good use. Make a list of three important things that you are putting off.

Why? What's holding you back from getting these done?

Commit to yourself that you will do at least one of these before you start anything else tomorrow.

How did it go?

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