Communicating with technology vendors shouldn't be confusing.

But it is.

. . .

We translate tech speak into plain words everyone can understand.

Hello? Is Anyone Listening?

Have you ever come away from a technology vendor meeting wondering if anyone had listened to a word you said? We certainly have.

Technology discusses and decisions can be stressful. When vendors start speaking in their mysterious tongue, you feel certain it's being done just to confuse you. Trust takes a bit hit.

What Do You Do Next?

  • Assume the vendor knows best because he is the expert. You just silently follow along.
  • Do a slow --- or maybe a not so slow --- burn.
  • Let your anxiety over your immediate problems bury the warning signs. Your move ahead with the vendor anyway.
  • Do nothing out of frustration and uncertainty.
  • Do nothing for fear of doing the wrong thing.
  • Start over. Re-explain your priorities and needs knowing that valuable time and resources are being wasted.

  • None of these sound like a good decision.

    . . .

    How we help you at the vendor table.

    We're vendor-agnostic. That means that we arrive at the table with your best interests front and center. We have no canned solution to sell, just a proven process to create the right solution.

  • We like technology but we love business even more. Learning what drives your business every day is exciting.
  • We understand how underlying technologies can successfully drive or disastrously hobble your business.
  • We can see your business objectively.
  • We always keep your strategic vision aligned with your immediate needs and proposed solutions. Shiny things aren't an option without a solid reason why.
  • We have arepeatable simple process to guide us each step of the way.

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