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Webwizely Helps Protect Your Family's Home Network

Can you remember life before the internet? We rely on it for so many of our daily activities --- staying in touch with family and friends, shopping, working from home, scheduling appointments, monitoring our homes when we're away, and so much more.

But with this convenience comes risks that we may not be aware of. Properly securing and monitoring your home network and all the devices that connect through the internet is critical for your protection.

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Why Is Home Network Protection Important?

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  • Home users often think that cyberattacks only happen to large companies. That's not the case. Small businesses and home networks are easy targets because they often lack the security large companies have implemented. For hackers this is an easy payday with little work required.
  • Many of the connected devices in homes lack built-in security protection.
  • Devices out of the box have simple passwords and default settings that every hacker knows. Home users often don't know these should be changed or how to do it.
  • Free or low-cost antivirus software is no longer adequate protection.

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    How We Deliver the Same Home Security Protection Businesses Use

    Think of us as your dedicated secure and healthy network provider.

    Convenient Support You Deserve

    How often have you had a question or needed help with "it doesn't work"? The solution was either "we'll need your credit card to answer your question" or "bring your computer to us." Neither of those is practical, efficient, or necessary.

    No more driving your desktop or laptop to a service site. You leave your computer and wonder when it will be ready. When you pick it up, you have that nagging question "Will it work now?" There is a better way.

    Remote Support

    Businesses receive remote support so why not home users too? Now you can. Your subscription includes phone and email help. No credit card, no appointments, no driving.

    Sometimes things happen that need hands-on attention. The best tools can never guarantee 100% health. If that happens to one of your computers, we'll provide the support you need. We will discuss the solution with you and any additional fees.

    Proactive Remote Monitoring

    One of the tools companies use to keep all their devices running safely and efficiently is proactive monitoring. This means using services designed to spot and address problems before damage is done.

    Your subscription includes these same proactive monitoring tools.

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    Free or Legacy Antivirus Isn't Enough Protection

    The antivirus we all used not so long ago is legacy antivirus software. It is primarily reactive.

    That means it waits to be told what potential malware and viruses it should look for. The time delay between the discovery of a new virus and the software update downloaded to your desktop or laptop leaves you at significant risk.

    Antivirus updates are generally released on a fixed schedule instead of as soon as they are available. What you need today is quick response.

    What happens when your antivirus software isn't set to automatically run the latest updates? More time for a virus to find its way to your computer. There's a better way to greatly reduce this risk and eliminate the work you need to do.

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    We Provide Next Generation Protection

    Next generation security protection is proactive. That's a big deal.

    It's like a moat around your house. Next generation antivirus is continously listening, learning, and denying entry to anyone who it thinks is an attacker.

    The response is immediate. No waiting to be told what to do next.

    Since this is proactive centralized protection, our security protection services do the work for you.. No downloads, no overlooked devices.

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    Before You Visit a Website

    Jumping online is a way of life for everyone. Website access, even ones we believe can be trusted, introduce an additional level of risk that we will reduce for you.

    Our web monitoring service continually watches for websites that appear to contain malware or malicious content. When someone tries to access a potentially harmful website, they are immediately stopped.

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