Today's Companies Deserve Proactive Endpoint Security

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Knowing the difference between legacy antivirus software and next generation endpoint security is essential for both your company's and your customers' protection.

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Why Doesn't Legacy Antivirus Provide the Protection I Need?

  • Users manage the antivirus software on their desktop or laptop
  • No centralized control over key update and protection settings
  • Scans for known malware from a definition database
  • Scans files and processes on the device
  • Little protection against modern cyber attacks
  • Scans for unknown malware using the heuristic (maybe, trial and error, probable) method
  • Updates with new malware definitions done on a schedule
  • Lag between new malware definition creation and update increases risk of harm

  • Legacy antivirus vs advanced endpoint security

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    Why Is Next Generation Endpoint Security Important For My Company?

  • Users cannot control the antivirus on their desktop or laptop
  • 24/7/365 centralized control over essential protection settings on all devices
  • Scans continuously for both known and potential malware
  • Delivers new malware updates immediately
  • Scans the entire device including files, processes, in-memory executables, services, downloads, USB devices, email, and attachments
  • Continuously learning and protecting based on user and device behavior
  • Predicts and blocks potential threats based on variants of known malware
  • Provides partial and full rollback to a healthy state

  • advanced endpoint security

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    Our Webwizely Tools Provide the Proactive Security Protection Your Company and Your Customers Deserve

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