How Advanced Endpoint Security Protects Against Cyber Attacks

Published by Linda Rolf on 4/27/2021

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It's not unusual to hear a company leader say "I'm not worried about someone trying to break into our network. We're a small company with nothing a hacker wants."

Fact: Hackers Love to Target SMBs

Consider a few reasons why ---

  • Every company has information that is attractive to the wrong people. For example, if you have customers, then you have information about them that can be sold to their competitor.

  • Hackers know that SMBs lack the cybersecurity defenses and skilled resources that large companies have in place. Entry is all too easy.

  • SMBs often rely on their outsourced managed services provider or an in-house team member for security management. Today's cybersecurity expertise is a different skillset than the day-to-day system administration.

  • While the paydays aren't nearly as big as those from a large company, the time and effort required to strike gold is minimal. Attacking SMBs is a simple numbers game.

  • SMBs lack the financial resources to recover from even a small breach. When the damage to the company's reputation and loss of customers' trust are added to the loss of data, the impact can be swift and unrecoverable.

  • Advanced endpoint security guards against cyber attacks

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    How Do You Avoid Landing in the Low-Hanging Fruit Bowl?

    The answer is next generation antivirus protection, often called advanced endpoint security. Unlike legacy antivirus software that is mostly reactive, today's sophisticated security tools are proactive. This software continually listens, monitors, scans, and prevents threats before they happen.

    Learn How Endpoint Security Works

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