How Many Leads Do You Need for a Sale

Published by Linda Rolf on 9/2/2020

An organization’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage.."

--- Jack Welch

There's a funny thing about sharing ideas. Sometimes the opportunity to eat your own dog food magically appears.

In last week's email post, I shared five ideas for creating unexpected services your customers will love. Monday I read a blog post by Shawn Van Dyke and had one of those “hmm...wait a minute” moments.

.  .  .


Shawn is an inspiring example of focused, put-in-the-work, business growth. He has built a successful construction industry consulting company based on his hands-on experience and a genuine commitment to teach others in his industry.

Shawn and I connected through one of those random events we all experience. I’ll make this the short version. In early 2017 I read Mark Schaefer’s book Known. One of the stories Mark told was Shawn’s personal and business perseverance to become known. This was such an inspiration that I visited Shawn’s website and joined his email list. When I received Shawn’s email with his list of favorite books for the year, I knew I had to connect with a fellow book lover.

During a series of casual email exchanges, Shawn mentioned that he was going to be in Orlando for the International Builders’ Show. At the time I was hosting the Collaboration Studio, a monthly CEO group at the Citrus Club. I invited Shawn to share his journey with our group. Much to my surprise – and pleasure --- Shawn accepted the invitation. Listening to Shawn retell his story and watching the group’s engagement was a memorable experience. 

.  .  .

But back to my Monday aha moment.

Shawn’s blog post explained how contractors could easily determine their marketing budget. His simple step-by-step reverse engineering method was a practical and useful approach that any business leader could adopt.

This brings us to last week’s 5 Ways to Create Services Your Customers Will Love post. Idea 4 was to build relationships with like-minded, complementary business professionals. What unexpected ideas could this collective expertise discover?  

Idea 5 was to create simple everyday tools customers would appreciate and use.

Since Quest had developed and published a collection of free business financial calculators on our website, why not add Shawn’s marketing budget calculator to the toolkit? I immediately asked Shawn if he would let us build the online calculator and include a link to his blog post.

His answer is the Convert Leads to Sales calculator I’m sharing with you here.

Yes, I thoroughly enjoyed eating my own dog food.

Collaborative partnerships solve more customer problems

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