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Cybersecurity can be confusing. Sometimes we think we know the right answers, and then we learn they weren't right at all. There is a lot of information available, but who has the time to figure out what is accurate? And then what do you next?

Having easy to understand information about cybersecurity is important. These are questions, comments, and assumptions we've heard from actual people we know.

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Question: We're a small company. Why would anyone try to attack us? Answer

Question: Why would we be the target of a cyberattack or breach? Answer

Question: We have antivrus software so aren't we protected? Answer

Question: We have backups. Can't we just recover from a backup? Answer

Question: We're in the cloud. How would an attacker get our data? Answer

Question: We have cyber insurance. Won't our insurance company reimburse our losses? Answer

Question: Doesn't our MSP take care of cybersecurity for us? Answer

Question: Cybersecurity sounds complicated. Where do we even begin? Answer

Question: Cybersecurity seems so expensive. How can we afford to implement all of the cybersecurity controls we need? Answer

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