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Webwizely is Like Your Company's New Comfort Food

Today's teams work anytime, anywhere. Your most valuable company and customer data live in many places. We give you and your customers the peace of mind you need to securely connect your teams and protect your most trusted data wherever they are.

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Does Protecting Your Customers' Valuable Data Sound Like This?

(Hint...if you said yes to even one of these, you're not alone.)

We're a small company. No one will bother us.
We don't have anything worth stealing.
We have antivrus software so we're protected.
We have backups. We'll just recover our lost files.
We're in the cloud so we're protected.
Our MSP takes care of this for us.
It's complicated.
It's expensive.

There is more to consider than just protecting your company. You have valued customers who trust you to protect them too. The good news is it doesn't have to be complicated or expensive. We can show you how.

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Why Protecting Your Company is Like Comfort Food

Legacy Antivirus Isn't Enough Protection

Legacy antivirus software is primarily reactive.

That means it waits to be told what potential malware it should look for. The time delay between the discovery of a new virus and the download of the software update to your company's devices leaves you at significant risk.

Antivirus updates are generally released on a fixed schedule instead of as soon as they are available. The need for quick response is critical.

Each team member often has access to the antivirus settings on his desktop or laptop. There is no centralized management to ensure all devices are updated as quickly as possible.

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Why Next Generation Protection Matters

Next generation security protection is proactive. That's a big deal.

It's like your company's moat. Next generation antivirus is continously listening, learning, and denying entry to anyone who it thinks is an attacker.

The response is immediate. No waiting to be told what to do next.

Since this is proactive centralized protection, everyone in your company has the same continous level of security. No downloads, no overlooked devices.

  Learn More About the Differences

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Before Your Team Goes Online

Working online is a way of life for every company. Website access, even ones we believe can be trusted, introduce an additional level of risk that you can reduce.

DNS content filtering, also referred to as web filtering, prevents exposure to malware, malicious, and suspected websites before your team members can access them.

Adding this level of protection is applied to everyone regardless of where they're working. In today's hybrid, remote, mobile, office, home work environment, a consistent security framework is just wise business.

  Learn How DNS Content Filtering Works

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Protecting Today's New Work Environment

Do you know where your company's --- and your clients' --- valuable data is?

In today's new everyone can work anywhere world, your data is more at risk than ever before. Implementing a consistent, proactive security program reduces not only risk to your company but also your clients and customers who trust you.

Reputations and trust can be lost in the time it takes for one unintended keystroke or mouse click to happen.

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