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What is Cached Data?

Cached data is information such as files, images, scripts, code, and links from a website or app stored on your computer. The cache is created the first time you visit the site or access the app. It reduces the time required to load the website or app the next time you access it.

How Does Caching Work?

You are likely familiar with web browser cache even if you didn't know the technical words for it. When this cache is created for a website, the information is stored in your computer's physical memory. There is a portion of your computer's memory called CPU cache that is dedicated to storing and retrieving information quickly.

Should You Clear Cached Data?

Your browser can store your history indefinitely. While having your browsing activities at your fingertips might be handy, it also means anyone with access to your computer or mobile device can readily see your history. Privacy and security are important to all of us.

Clearing your browsing history regularly is the prudent thing to do.

Google Chrome

1. Click the three-dot menu on the upper right of the browser
2. Click Settings -> Advanced -> Privacy and seccurity -> Clear browsing history
3. Instead of (2) you can enter chrome://settings/clearBrowserData in the URL
4. The dialog box gives you the options to delete your browsing history, download history, cookies, cached images and files, passwords, and autofill data
5. You can select a time range or all times


1. Click the hamburger menu
2. Click Options -> Privacy & Security
3. Scroll down to History
4. Enter your preferred settings
5. Click the Clear History button.
6. Select your desired time range and what to clear

Microsoft Edge

If you are using Edge for some strange reason ---
1. Click the three-dot menu
2. Click Settings -> Privacy & security
3. Click the "Choose what to clear" button under Clear browsing data
4. Select the history, cached data, cookies, saved data, and stored passwords
5. Click Manage Permissions to delete whatever you desire
6. Click "Always clear this when I close the browser" to prevent history from being stored


Like many Apple things, clearing your history is simple.
1. Click Clear History on the History menu
2. Select the timeframe desired
3. This deletes your history as well as cookies and cached data
4. If you want to keep some cached data, then click History -> Show History
5. Select the sites you want to clear

Mobile Safari

1. To prevent recording browser history, stay in Private mode while surfing
2. To clear history, select Settings -> Safari -> Clear History & Website Data
3. One word of caution, if your iPhone or iPad is signed into your iCloud account, this clears your iCloud history as well as all other devices linked to this iCloud account.

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